Rabbi Shlomo Porter

Dean and President, The Etz Chaim Center

Rabbi Porter has directed the growth of Etz Chaim for close to 30 years. He loves to teach Torah and to deal with the tough questions of life. He and his wife, Shoshana, enjoy guests for Shabbos - especially those who like to eat.
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Rabbi Nitzan Bergman

Executive Director 

Rabbi Bergman, originally from South Africa, started the WOW! program for Young Professionals in 2008. In July 2013 he assumed the position of Executive Director. He is passionate about Torah studies and making it available for all Jews 



Rabbi Yisroel and Chaya Porter
Director, Etz Chaim Owings Mills

Yisroel and his wife, Chaya, are the newest members of Etz Chaim's team.  After six years in Jerusalem, they have moved back to the States to live Owings Mills to open their hearts and home to the Jews living in the Owings Mills corridor.  They are also the Project coordinators of "Raising Kids To Love Being Jewish," a parenting program for young families.
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Efy Flamm
Director, Jewish Collegiate Network (JCN)

Efy Flamm lives in Upper Park Heights with his wife, Penina, and their six children. He has been directing the Jewish Collegiate Network (JCN) for 19 years. He and his wife have become famous for their Shabbos meals that attract 50-80 college students - singing, clapping, eating and enjoying Shabbos each and every week.



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Rabbi Dovid Lefkowitz
Director, Senior Jewish Learning

In addition to his position as Director of Senior Jewish Learning at Etz Chaim, Rabbi Lefkowitz teaches at two local high schools and serves as Director of the Jewish Thinktank in Washington, DC. He resides with his wife and children in the Ranchleigh area of Baltimore.
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Mrs. Toby Friedman
Director, Partners In Torah

Mrs. Friedman is an extremely knowledgeable and valued teacher with over thirty years experience.  She has created many successful partnerships for those seeking their Jewish heritage.  She has personally inspired many to reach their potential.  Please call or email Mrs. Friedman to find YOUR FREE learning partner.
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Rabbi Paysach Diskind
Director, Achim - Russian Outreach

In 1989, Rabbi Diskind recognized the need for an outreach program specifically designed for the newly arrived immigrants from the Soviet Union. He had learned the Russian language and began reaching out to the Russian community. Today, this population is perhaps more American than Russian, nevertheless, they form a community within the larger community with their unique qualities and challenges. There are many families who call on Rabbi Diskind for their Jewish questions.

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